Cristina Leeson​​​​​​​
Psychic Medium Readings, Sacred Contracts,
Psychic Development

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Psychic Medium Readings

Being an international Psychic Medium for the past 18 years, I use numerology and your birth date to "tap" into what your divine purpose is in this particular lifetime.
I have very powerful spiritual Masters that I connect with as well as your Guides and Angels to give you messages on career, relationships, and direction.  I also incorporate tarot cards for more detail, and
connect with loved ones on the other side.

Contact Cristina at:

[email protected] or

1/2 hour readings are $55.
Full hour is $95.
Tarot sessions are on sale for $55.

We can record your session
so you can listen to it again.

By appointment only.

Cristina is a Reiki Master Teacher,
a Certified Master Hypnotherapist,
has a Bachelor's Degree in Parapsychic Science
and has spoken at the
Edgar Cayce Institute to the
International Association for Near Death Studies.
She has hosted The Inner Light Holistic Center for the past 14 years and coordinated the
Inner Light Expo for the past 8 years.  

Sacred Contracts

Just as you plan a trip, you plan out your life and your lessons to learn. You were given certain tools and abilities to help you overcome challenges and succeed.
Sacred Contracts is a way to find out what your abilities and sabotaging issues are, in this particular lifetime.
This one on one workshop is based on the book by Caroline Myss, Sacred Contracts.
In this 2 hour session, we will uncover your archetypes (energies, guides) that work with you and ones that work against you.
We will chart out your divine purpose and discuss blocks and blessings to help you create abundance in this lifetime.
This is a very intense Reading.
It will change your life!
You will "See" how your archetypes have worked with you, in certain areas of your life.
You will receive an audio recording of our session,
a booklet that explains your Archetypes, and an Archetypal Wheel to refer to for the
rest of your life.
This will help you with future endeavors, challenges, and create clarity in your life so that you can finally cut away past hindrances to the path of success.
Cost is $140.00
Please call or email to
book an appointment:
[email protected]

If you learned of the power that you truly hold,
what would you create?

Psychic Development

Are you a sensitive?
Do you hear and see spirits?
Do you feel drawn to learn more about
Guides, Spirits, and Angels?
Do you want to be a medium?

If you are feeling a "calling" to serve others, if you would like to enhance your abilities and learn more about this amazing spiritual machine that we are living in, please contact me for either a one-on-one training session, a workshop, or a retreat.

One-on-one training sessions are an hour long
and cost $110. I will give you a recording of our session.
I speak directly to the guides that want to help you develop your connection. 
Homework will be given and you can
move at your own pace.
These sessions can be done in person or
over the phone.
Workshops and retreats are offered
throughout the year,
stay tuned to new dates through the
newsletter or calendar!