Raya Pereira

Raya Pereira
Spiritual Teacher

Women & Girls Empowerment, Indigenous Rituals & Ceremonies, Sacred Trekking, Drumming, Martial Arts, Reiki, Yoga

Raya is a spiritual healer, motivational speaker and lifestyle educator. Her passion is in teaching and mentoring women and girls to reach their full potential. She brings Indigenous philosophies from around the world together in unique, hands-on learning and experiential classes, workshops, retreats and sacred travels both local and international.

Course offerings include: African Drumming, Earth and Animal Spirit Studies, Yu Won Ki - Meditative Movement, Moon Rituals, Self-Defense, Creative Expression, Women’s and Girl’s Empowerment, and Woga – a unique blend of Walking & Yoga

Sacred Pilgrimages to Portugal, Spain, Peru, Nova Scotia and local sites

Contact information:  Phone:  (484) 350-8489    Email: redeagleacademy@yahoo.com