Julie Ziegler

Master Hypnotherapist
Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming

Every negative Blockage results in either a past issue or emotional dysfunction.
It is my purpose to find that blockage that we hold,
and acknowledge the issue to release it to promote
healing and the ability to move forward
in creating balance, in our lives.

There are many sources of this blockage, and through
Hypnotherapy, we can unlock fears, doubt, and addictions,
associated with this dysfunction.

The Mind and body wants to heal itself, I am the guide
to your subconscious, to allow this healing to occur.

I will delve into past experiences, traumas, and past lives to
pinpoint the actual blockage, and release it, to help the subconscious heal.

I also specialize in helping you to release blocks that have developed,
in past relationships, with either the living or people who have passed on,
to create peace and forgiveness, to allow the healing.

Once the subconscious heals, the conscious mind follows.

Please help me, to help you create the life you deserve.
I look forward to working with you.

Contact me at juliesalternatives@gmail.com
or     610-636-7522

2156 Old Rt. 100
Bechtelsville, PA 19505



A couple weeks ago, I experienced my second hypnotherapy session with Julie. Although, this was my first full-length session- uninterrupted, unguarded. During this time in a different realm, I experienced an awakening where answers were revealed to me. The intriguing part is that the answers were from myself! Deep within my subconscious, a spark lit up and began a small fire. This fire illuminated a path. This path I tread carefully, yet with great intention and determination. At the end of the path, answers to an emotionally trying situation in my life came to me effortlessly. I clung to those answers in hopes that there could be a change that I havenít seen yet.

Although it was myself and my subconscious doing the work, it was Julie who guided me, gently, safely, lovingly to the light. I was guided down picturesque paths, to a special, placid pond, and to a place where I was able to see my fears, worry, resentment, and anger literally go up in flames and smoke. She spoke in a surreal, serene voice; eventually, while listening to her, my mind detached the voice from the body. I was only hearing a distant voice with no body, in no one place or time. Many questions came from this voice- these were the key to the unlocking of my hidden truths. As I was answering these questions, my body and limbs felt heavy, as if gravity gave an extra push downward. The feeling was the result of the extremely deep relaxation I felt throughout the session.

Julie is a master of creating that sense of stillness and, she can bring you back to the present in that same gentle way. When she counts down at the end, you slowly can feel tiny twinges of feeling return to your limbs. For me, it took about 15 minutes after coming to, to really regain full awareness of the present and of the small, peaceful room I was in. All in all, this was a unique, profound, and life changing experience Iím blessed to have had. I am thankful I was brave enough to give myself and my mind a try at it! After having the session, I feel that I am ready to take what I have learned about myself and apply it to real life. Iím ready to be the change I wish to see within myself.

Anxious, yes. But ready, yes.
Thank you Julie!!


Julie Ziegler is gifted with a unique ability to guide a person into their own subconscious where one can explore in full awareness that which we are so good at hiding from ourselves. In just one session, Julie took me into my own subconscious in a most gentle and barely noticeable way. I gradually felt my body relax, felt my mind relax, felt myself at peace within knowing that I had a very trustworthy guide at my side. That guide, Julie, then led me down the path into those areas of my memory that were so frightening to me that I had blocked them for over fifty years. She led me in such a way that I knew I was safe, that the fears couldnít hurt me. She then guided me to see what I had hidden from myself for so long and to see it clearly. By the time we were finished with the session I not only saw what I had refused to see, but I understood the back story from the perspective of others involved and could find in that realization a full reconciliation. I left Julieís office with the memories no longer blocked, but understood and reconciled. I can see those events and the people involved in a new light. I have Julie to thank for this experience entirely ! Healing, pure and gentle healing !

Iíd very highly recommend Julie Ziegler for her skills as an expert hypnotist and guide into the subconscious. There is no one Iíd trust more with the deepest and most sensitive parts of myself. Iíve recently taken my daughter for a session and have been speaking with other friends about booking with Julie. Sheís amazing !

Sincerely,      David Gutkowski, a.k.a. ReikiDave


I met with Julie for a problem I was having with my memory, specifically for my studies. We discovered that I had blocks from long ago and cleared them. I also learned how to identify where my body feels the blocks, and how to ask my inner self questions so that I may continue healing with whatever the issue(s) may be.

Thanks Julie! You are my healer and teacher!

Janet Gruber