Christine Ellis
Reiki Master-Teacher

As a Psychic-Medium and Reiki Master-Teacher, I am passionate about the process of healing and self-transformation. Holding a Master's degree in Psychology from Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, I have spent the past 20 years working in the field of healthcare and human services, specializing in behavioral health, integrated healthcare, and trauma treatment and recovery. It is through a combination of that work along with my own personal spiritual journey through healing, that I have come to the realization that the path of healing must be one that incorporates Mind, Body, and Spirit together. Honoring that there is a deeper meaning and purpose to each of our lives than what we see just on the surface.

Having faced and overcome many adversities and challenges in my own life, I have learned that we can all "rise from the ashes" to overcome barriers and obstacles and become our best selves. I also know this is often not an easy process! Life is an unfolding of constant opportunities for growth and change, and from time to time this may leave us feeling unanchored and in need of spiritual guidance or direction. We may simply be unsure of what to do next on our life journey and need help to get moving again.

Psychic-Medium Readings:

Through providing psychic-medium readings, I hope to help you on your own journey to find a deeper level of healing and change and find answers that will aid you on the way. Readings can be helpful with areas such as career path, love life, relationship concerns, grief/loss, dealing with life changes, etc. Psychic-medium readings can facilitate a deeper connection with your own spirit helpers/guides and bring through messages for you from loved ones who have passed.

30-minute reading: $45

60-minute reading: $65

Intuitive Reiki/Energy Healing Sessions:

Reiki is universal life force energy. In the Christian tradition, this is also known as hands-on healing. Reiki can be useful for relaxation and engaging the body's natural healing abilities. It can support both physical and emotional healing. By combining my intuitive abilities with Reiki and other energy healing modalities, I find that I can bring a greater sense of understanding to what is needed for the healing.
An intuitive Reiki or other energy healing modality session includes chakra clearing, dissolving of energy blockages, crystal healing, and guidance from intuitive messages I receive during the healing process which I will share with you after the healing session is completed.

1 hour (includes crystals and intuitive guidance): $75

Contact Information:

Please call or email me to schedule an appointment:
     Email:   christine.ellis@souls-rising.com
     Phone:   (610) 883-0473
     Find me on:   Instagram.com/souls.rising
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