Vendors Scheduled to Attend

Inner Light Holistic Center
Julie Ziegler - Hypnotherapist
Young Living Essential Oils- Lucey Harley
Beth Feger
Raya Pereira Woman Empowerment
Maja Taylor - Life Coach
Ancient Messages - Ted Cutler
Annette Lemma Yoga Instructor
Spiritual Enlightenment Kimberly Uhl
Angel Wings Messages - Terri Ramsay
HM Salt Lamps
Hues of You Aura Photography
Living Spectrum Reflexology
Vibrant Universe
Midnite Incense
The Eclectic Pathway LLC
Kindred Spirits Store
Zoetic Workshops
Corbie Mitleid
Enchanted Essences
Emerging Rainbow Light
Psychic Polly
Sacred Rose Herb & Root
Eagle Skyfire
Angel Card Readings - Maria Killgore
American Ayurveda
Your Cup Of Tea
Whispers of the Nine Worlds
Christina Golden
Gypsy Moon
Garden of One
The Soul Shepherd
Body & Soul Holistic Arts

Lady Lynora's Gemstone Treasures
Kashmir Dream
Satori Spiritual Center
Plantie LLC
Holistic Experts LLC
Earth Angel Healing LLC
Make Life Changes
Touch N Heal
Michelle Cavanaugh
Willow Earth
Sleep Number
Wolf Treasures
Himalayan Salt & Wellness Cave
Aromatic Garden
Sharon Hajj - Author
Poonam Mitra
doTerra Essential Oils
Delfthaus Orgonite
Yucha Chiropractic & Pain Management
Transformative Awakenings LLC
Bridge Hypnosis
Holistic Therapy with Dr. Rahman
Ringing Rocks Mint
Tara Houseal Massage
Presence in Mind and Body
Earth Energy Stones
Intuitive Soul Coach
Michelle Rohrer
Mystical Moon
Wear at Your Own Wrist
Dorothy Claire Crystals
Carol Ruth Astrology
and more...